There are a few new things added to the site now. A photo gallery page and a guestbook page. Check them out!
Still trying to get traffic to the site at the moment. Hard to get picked up in a google search. If you do happen to be reading this then please do click on all my pages. Also do a search on google for bearded collies weebly. It will pick up my useful links page which is better than nothing I guess as it still takes you to my website but please then click on all my pages as I think this does help also!!

I know, this is desperate but hey, give me a break!! 
The jury's out on the fun stuff section at the moment. Do games really fit here?

Edit: I got rid of it, it didn't feel right for this site
Tossing and turning at 3:45am so thought I may as well get up and start my blog!