Bearded Collie picture collection page

Indiana at Bradlaugh Fields in Northampton

Thank you for checking out my website. I am hoping to put together a collection of photos of Bearded Collies as well as videos and stories. Please feel free to contact me with any photos or youtube links that you want to share and I will be happy to add them for you.

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My name is Paul and I live in Northampton with my wife Sally and our Beardie Indie (or Indiana when he's naughty!!) Saying that though he does have a number of names he will answer to!!

Anyway, please feel free to have a look around and contact me if you have any feedback and don't forget to join the forum!!

This is a portrait of Indie I had done for my wife for christmas a couple of years ago. It was done by a friend who I work with called Jared Copps. If you would like to contact him to ask about a portrait then email him at

This photo doesn't do it justice as it was taken through the glass on the frame while it was hanging up. Jared doesn't just specialise in pet portraits though so contact him for more details!!

Indie at local pocket park March 2010
Northampton is absolutely fantastic for places to take your dog for a walk. There must be at least 20 parks not to mention walks in the Countryside and the Country Parks in Northamptonshire. This photo was taken in our local pocket park in Whitehills.

On the useful links page there is a link so you can see all the parks available and a history of them. If you have never been to Northampton I would highly recommend it for walks and parks.